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Magnum Contact Center – Lead Generation, Call Center, Live Chat
Magnum Contact Center | Lead Generation, Call Center, Live Chat
We take your unique marketing objectives, and then tailor solutions to achieve results
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About Us

We Are Results Effective.

As a provider of a variety of Contact Center and marketing services for the purposes of generating Sales, Business Leads, and Event Attendance, we are able to increase sales and enhance customer service for your company.

We Provide


We provide assistance with Sales Script and Presentation Development, Database List Acquisition, Sales Pitch and Closing Tools, Marketing  and Sales Materials, Lead Generation, Followup, and Sales and Phone Training.

We’ve Converted

Vistors to Buyers

Magnum’s software development include its website platform, email marketing platform (emailmarketcenter.com), its live chat platform (magnumchat.com), and its website conversion tool (conversiontrak.com).

We take your unique marketing objectives, and then tailor solutions to achieve results

Contact Center Lead Generation0

Search Engine Optimization0

Live Chat Lead Generation and Conversion0

Web Design and Digital Marketing Strategy0

Contact Center Marketing:

Appointment Setting/New Relationships

Outbound Call Center/Lead Generation

Inbound call center lead conversioin

Phone Training for Lead Generation and Followup

Magnum’s Live Warm Transfer Strategy

Live Chat Lead Conversion

Magnum has a number of different software products and services for purchase

We Make Awesome Campaigns

Our consultants will take the time to learn about your business needs and then tailor solutions to help you achieve those goals. We will find the best possible marketing solution by utilizing proven technology to secure qualified buyers for your product.

Magnum Dealer

Automotive websites are a specialty, we help convert more visitors to buyers. Website visitors come and go on your website every day without you knowing who they are, what they are interested in, or why they did not convert into a sale. Let Magnum's strategy increase your results.

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Search Engine Laboratory

We focus on content marketing for website development, to allow potential customers to locate your site organically through rich content.

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Turn your visitors into customers with our team.


Websites Optimized

Website design, Search Engine Laboratory, Content Management monthly


Daily Leads Generated

Our Lead generation contact center team calls on thousands of businesses daily for hundreds of our clients. We are the masters of the cold call.


Automotive Websites

Implementing Magnum's chat and conversion platform feature on your website makes a difference in lead generation and customer experience.


Daily Live Chat

Magnum's Contact Center handles thousands of Live Chats Daily from Website visitors from all over the world in 9 different languages.