Currently, Magnum represents over 700 companies, large and small, that focus directly on prospecting for new customers. With over 300 agents (100% U.S. based) calling on a daily basis, Magnum is contacting thousands of prospects every day generating leads!

Dealerships utilize our services to contact their customers for appointment setting campaigns for both sales and service departments.

Results. Magnum’s Live Warm transfer is regarded has a highly effective lead generator based on the average of 28-30 calls made per hour, of which an average of 53% of hard contacts. Our average dealership focuses on 1000 leads to cold call, and we generate 40-60 appointments that show in person to the dealership.

Magnum has an array of effective marketing tools to increase your business development and inside sales: Magnum’s Power Dialer, Magnum’s, Magnum Live Chat and Magnum’s ConversionTrak.

Cold Calling. For whatever reason, those in sales do not like business to business cold calling. Let’s be honest, are your top reps still prospecting? However, as we all know, cold calling is essential for sales growth. What if you could bypass the cold calling, and only take the calls of those possible new clients interested in your product or service?

Increase the Productivity and Results of your best Closers by utilizing Magnum’s “Warm Transfers” Strategy! We make the calls, and then transfer the call to you or one of your closers if the prospect is interested in your product or service.

Cost Effectiveness. Magnum is your one-stop shop. What does it cost you to advertise for a new inside salesperson? Then, what does it cost to train them? Moreover, what does it cost to get them started (computers, phones, headsets, software)? What about the cost of turnover?

Or are you looking for more appointments? Are you looking for increased product online demos? Do you have a large customer base, but don’t call that database for referrals? How about follow-up calls or customer service calls for those that utilize your product? Magnum agents excel in all of these calling areas! Call Magnum today at 866-570-4729