What makes our software platform different than our competitors?

I. Our chat engagement rate is higher than our competitors. Notice the different icons when you look at our different digital programs. Give them a reason to chat, motivate them to chat, incentivize them to chat. Don’t wait for the customer to start chatting with your church, control the chat and take it to the customer.

II. Personalize and Customize the chat box to the behavior and product interest of the customer. Multiple chatboxes that allow you to create a more personalized message. Take for example, a potential new church member visiting your site.  When the visitor is looking at service times and your location on your site, they will receive a personalized chat box.

III. Our conversion rate and show rate are higher than our competitors. It takes having a “control” item in the chat script. That “control” item allows you to obtain the customer’s name and contact info, and will help them show up to service on Sunday!