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Not Having the Vehicle in Stock

What is your strategy in working with chat customers that do not find the vehicle they are looking for in your inventory?

If you don’t have one, you need one.  How many missed opportunities does your dealership miss by not having the vehicle in stock that customers are looking to purchase?

First, know your inventory and help them with a search when necessary. But remember your objective of asking and obtaining their contact information (name and phone number).

If they do not land themselves on a vehicle, ask them the specifics of their “wants” of the vehicle.

We strongly suggest having a network to pull vehicles from.   One dealer network we see dealers working with is www.dealerslink.com.  It allows you to maintain control of the chat customer by doing a search for them of thousands of additional vehicles.

Encourage setting up an appointment for the customer to search your private dealer network.

Tracking Previous Customers and Being Alerted To Buyers

Why is it important to track your previous customers when they arrive on your site and be alerted when they are looking at specific vehicles or service on your site?

Magnum suggests this step as one of the first steps of your new live chat strategy.  Since almost 76% of new car buyers will shop online before going to the dealership, this would apply to your previous customers.

Tracking their behavior on when they have been on your site and what they have been searching for on your site become valuable tools in determining who is in the market in your database.

We are using a combination of email marketing (www.emailyourlist.com) and our custom parameters in magnum chat:  http://magnumcontact.com/livechat/custom-parameters/

You will be able to see your customers in real-time on your site and be alerted to what vehicles they are viewing.

Increasing Live Chat Engagement

What are the top 6 suggestions to increase chat engagement with magnum chat?

1)      Change up the chat icon (including some type of visual movement) on a weekly basis- give them a reason to chat.  For automotive, focus on what’s their hotspot: trade in, payment, price, interest rate, etc.  SEE ICONS


2)      Be proactive and “ADOPT” chats.  Don’t wait for the customer to chat.  Start chatting with them based on what the customer is looking at.  ASK CONTROLLING QUESTIONS WHERE THE CUSTOMER WILL WANT TO GIVE YOU THEIR NAME AND NUMBER.


3)      Have multiple chatboxes that personalize the new vehicle that they are looking at, or having a unique chat box for service, specials, etc.  Individualize the message.


4)      Use the “open” chatbox feature to open the chat box at any time and update the IP address for the internal database.  When customers return, you can personalize the message to them.


5)      Use the “push” page feature and use the “push” script feature to get their attention AND pull the customer into the chat.  Or use the “push” form feature as an end to each chat when the customer will not disclose their contact info.


6)      Send out an email announcing that customers have a new way to communicate.

Magnum Chat version for the Macintosh is webbased.

The web and MAC version and the PC version work dependently of each other and are all tied together in your account.   There is no need to uninstall the PC version.

It also works off of the same script as the PC version.

The PC version of our software include the admin of the software, configurations, and chatbox setup, while the web/MAC version allows you to monitor chat,  take chats, and most of the functionality and features as the PC version.


Step 1 of 2:

Go to the website,  https://magnumchat.com/UniverseServer/Public/Client.php


Step 2 of 2:  To access your account, you will need the following:


Account: siteexample.com
Operator: Contact your Magnum representative
Password: Contact your Magnum representative


Also here are some helpful hints in suggestions of strategy:

Under settings in the Web/Mac version, make sure that the continuous alarm is set.

Make sure to press leave after every time you respond to a chat in the Web/Mac version.


Please watch this introductory video of Magnum’s Web/Mac version of Magnum Chat.

Magnum Chat 14 Day Trial

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Please visit http://magnumcontact.com/livechat/14-day-trial

Only the software is used for our trial, not our 24/7 monitor or Contact Center packages.

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