What is new in MagnumChat 3.0?

What’s new? More conversion opportunities within the chat sales path. We have also increased the functionality of the chat operation from the initial engagement, chat interaction, lead conversion, and updating the internal database. If you give them a reason to chat, your chat interaction percentages will go up. Use the “floating button” option versus a fixed static button, and change out your digital promotions and chat button on a weekly basis! If you need help staffing your site, don’t forget Magnum’s Contact Center 24/7 staffing program.




Here are just a few of the enhanced features:

Embedded or Floating Chatbox

Choose between an embedded chatbox or the traditional style floating chatbox rollover floating above your webpages. You can also use a combination of the two style chatboxes. Your chatbox can be customized and configured in unlimited ways both in online and offline mode. Your chatbox may be configured with the live telephone button as well as include your latest offers with images and links. Affiliate banners and other javascripts may also be included as part of the chatbox. The benefit of using embedded chatboxes is that when you use Magnumchat embedded chatbox in a proactive sales situation, your engagement and interaction percentage is higher.

Operator Chat Room

Magnumchat operators can chat with each other while chatting with customers. This allows operators to collaborate quickly with other operators and find answers to questions. Benefit: Operators can collaborate quickly with other operators to find answers to questions quickly. This allows chats to be resolved without transferring the chat to another operator. Multiple operators may chat with a single website visitor.

Live Chat in Banner Ads and PPC campaigns

No matter Where your banners are on the web. You can apply the live chat and live telephone facility in your online advertisements such as banner ads on portal websites. It’s sales lead generation without limits! Offer a live chat session or a free phone call to visitors who see your banner ad on the page where your banner ad is displayed. You can chat live or receive telephone calls from potential buyers anywhere you put your banner. The benefit is that visitors are not forced to come to your website to get in contact with you. You can chat live in PPC campaigns also.

Optional Operational Modes

Preset a variety of operational modes: 1. live chat 2. leave a message/feedback 3. send e-mail 4. manual and automatic proactive chat and/or live telephone call invitations 5. Different chatbox on different webpages all with different greeting text and special offers (Great feature for multilingual websites)

Multilingual Chat Interface

Magnumchat Operator Software in 9 Languages. Graphical User Interface available in English, Czech and Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Slovak, Italian and Bulgarian.

Real-time and Statistical Reports

Generate a unique Magnumchat text code for your Email marketing and Banner ad campaigns and live chat operators will know in real time which campaign generated that particular website visitor. Benefit: Helps with proactive sales chat invitations, as operators understand which special offer or marketing message brought the visitor to the site. Great for analyzing which marketing activity generates the most chat sessions. You will be able to assess which Online Marketing Campaign Produces Visitors, Chat Sessions, and Phone Calls.