What are the top 6 suggestions to increase chat engagement with magnum chat?

1)      Change up the chat icon (including some type of visual movement) on a weekly basis- give them a reason to chat.  For automotive, focus on what’s their hotspot: trade in, payment, price, interest rate, etc.  SEE ICONS


2)      Be proactive and “ADOPT” chats.  Don’t wait for the customer to chat.  Start chatting with them based on what the customer is looking at.  ASK CONTROLLING QUESTIONS WHERE THE CUSTOMER WILL WANT TO GIVE YOU THEIR NAME AND NUMBER.


3)      Have multiple chatboxes that personalize the new vehicle that they are looking at, or having a unique chat box for service, specials, etc.  Individualize the message.


4)      Use the “open” chatbox feature to open the chat box at any time and update the IP address for the internal database.  When customers return, you can personalize the message to them.


5)      Use the “push” page feature and use the “push” script feature to get their attention AND pull the customer into the chat.  Or use the “push” form feature as an end to each chat when the customer will not disclose their contact info.


6)      Send out an email announcing that customers have a new way to communicate.

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