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Frequently asked questions:

1) Do I have the latest version of Magnum Chat 4.0?

1A)  What are some of the new features in Magnumchat 4.0?

2) How do I install Magnumchat 4.0?

3) How do I add or remove operators?

4) How do I add canned messages?

5) How do I use the reporting feature?

6) What are some of the new features in Magnumchat 3.0? How to choose departments, how to choose categories, emailing leads in real-time, leaving a chat and re-engaging continuous alarm.

7) How do I add a static button and have the Magnum live chat pull up?

8) How do I add Magnum live chat to a website that uses flash?

9) How do I create additional configurations and corresponding chatboxes?

10) What works best a “static” button or a “floating” button?

11) Should I use a “proactive” chat box or a “reactive” chat box?

12) Should I have 24/7 staffing?

13) What languages does Magnum Live Chat come in?

14) How do I use Magnum Live Chat Operator Chat Room?

15) How do I use live chat in banner ads and PPC campaigns?

16)  How can I use this system if I have a Macintosh?

17)  How do I “push” a page or control  what the website visitor sees in the latest version?

18)  How can I add a form into the chatbox?

19)  Is the chatbox responsive with smart phones?

20) Can I have a simpler chatbox or different style of chatbox?

We’ll continually update this support page with commonly asked questions and the how-to-video for answers.

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