Microsoft Dynamics Integration and Custom Landing Pages

Magnum Chat Microsoft Dynamics integration use landing pages to collect information and send the lead information into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.   This form is loaded into Magnum’s platform after being generated by your CRM marketing feature.

For example, as collected information about leads and prospects, register a visitor for an event, or get a visitor to join a distribution/mailing list through Magnumchat, the landing page form is used.

When a visitor submits a landing page form, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing uses the submitted information to generate leads, lead interactions, marketing contacts, and marketing companies, depending on the situation and on your landing page settings.

The visitor experience through Microsoft landing pages:

  1. A visitor follows a link from an email or website that leads to a landing page, which includes an input form.
  2. The visitor enters the information requested and submits the form.
  3. On receipt of the form, the following occurs:
    • Dynamics Marketing looks for a matching contact in its database. If no match is found, Dynamics Marketing creates a new marketing contact and possibly a new marketing company (if company information was submitted). All newly-created marketing contacts will belong to the same company as the landing page. Matches are identified according to your site’s duplicate detection setting, which you can find on the Site Settings page.
    • If a matching contact is found, that contact will be updated with any new or updated information submitted with the landing page. Only fields not considered by your duplicate detection settings will be updated.
    • If no lead exists for the new or matched contact and marketing context, and the landing page is configured to generate leads, a new lead is created.
    • A lead interaction record for the new or existing lead is generated for the new or existing contact from the information submitted on the form (if the landing page is configured to generate leads). This may increase the lead score, depending on your scoring rules.
    • If the visitor has been to this website before, but was previously anonymous, all previous website visit records, if any, are accounted to the newly-identified or created contact record.
  4. If the landing page submission results in creating a new contact record and if double opt-in is enabled for the company the new contact belongs to, Dynamics Marketing marks the contact as “do not email” and sends a confirmation email to the contact. If the contact opens the confirmation email and clicks the link it contains, the “do not email” flag is removed.
  5. Dynamics Marketing sends an optional email confirmation, telling the visitor the information was received.
  6. Dynamics Marketing optionally redirects the visitor to a confirmation page if you have specified a redirection URL.