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Magnum Chat version for the Macintosh is webbased.

The web and MAC version and the PC version work dependently of each other and are all tied together in your account.   There is no need to uninstall the PC version.

It also works off of the same script as the PC version.

The PC version of our software include the admin of the software, configurations, and chatbox setup, while the web/MAC version allows you to monitor chat,  take chats, and most of the functionality and features as the PC version.


Step 1 of 2:

Go to the website,  https://magnumchat.com/UniverseServer/Public/Client.php


Step 2 of 2:  To access your account, you will need the following:


Account: siteexample.com
Operator: Contact your Magnum representative
Password: Contact your Magnum representative


Also here are some helpful hints in suggestions of strategy:

Under settings in the Web/Mac version, make sure that the continuous alarm is set.

Make sure to press leave after every time you respond to a chat in the Web/Mac version.


Please watch this introductory video of Magnum’s Web/Mac version of Magnum Chat.