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Easy Installation

Step 1:  add code to all of your web pages

http://magnumchat.com/MagnumChat4.0.5.140122%28Magnum%20Contact%20Inc.%29Setup.zip  Copy and paste our magnum chat script on each at the bottom of each webpage of your site just before the end  ‘ <body> ‘ tag.

Step 2:  Download and Install the Magnum  Chat 4.0 software

trialDownloadBTN  Click and download the software, unzip and install,  and save to your desktop. You must have a user id and password to access the software and agree to all terms and conditions.


Visitor IP Tracking

Unique Visitor IP Tracking and Keyword Tracking

  It matters that we know the customers’ IP address, what product or service the customer is looking at, and how did they come to our site by way of search engine and keyword. It matters on how we engage them intelligently.

Identify which product/service they are interested in prior to chatting

When engaging in a chat, it’s important to see which product or service the web visitor is looking at in real-time. It’s a selling or customer service advantage.

Update the internal IP database

As an example, there’s Mr. Sample Johnson on our site again. This time he is looking at a 2012 Nissan Xterra. He was on our site a week ago when he started his search. What if you could track each of your current customers knowing when they were in market by seeing them on your site?

Chat Engagement %

Why do customers chat?

Magnum Chat’s software and engagement strategy surpasses our competition in volume of engagement percentage. Plain and simple, we chat with more website visitors for a variety of reasons.

Don’t wait for them to chat with you, give them a reason to chat, and they will chat more.

Here are some questions you should ask any live chat provider:
1) Of the managed chats taken by you, what % do you get the name, number and email address?
2) How long is your average chat?
3) Do you track behavioral tendencies and target accordingly?
4) How much training do your agents receive on chat interaction strategies?
5) Are your chat agents directly employed by you or are they outsourced ?

Lead Conversion

Lead Conversion Strategy

How does one convert 75-90% of chats? Yes, it’s one thing to have one of the most robust and powerful live chat software like Magnumchat. But it also helps to know how to lay out a strategic wordtrack (script) that meets it’s end objective: Find out the name, phone number and email address of the website visitor. And more importantly, you have to have knowledgable, savvy chat specialists that can control where the chat goes.

Magnum Chat leads in lead conversion

Digital Chat Promotion

Leverage your current advertising with a consistent message

When customers come to your site after hearing your television or radio ad, they expect to see a consistent message. Use Magnum Chat to convert and track those coming to your site. Generate new ad campaigns solely around live chat and develop a program giving customers a reason to chat- not your staff waiting on customers to start chatting.

Multiple Customized Chatboxes

Personalized Chatbox Messages

Truly, if you want to increase chat engagement, you must personalize the chatbox by message to the product or service you are trying to sell. With Magnumchat you are able to customize the chatbox and have different chatboxes for different web pages. This helps increase chat engagement and overall lead conversion.

Email, SEO, Banners, PPC

Email Marketing and Emailyourlist.com

You’ve sent out your email and hoping that recipients will go to your landing page to convert. But guess what, people aren’t filling out those forms anymore. They want answers to their questions immediately. What if you could live chat with those that open your email? We have the answers and strategy.


Your spending time and money to drive traffic to your site. But once they get to your site, how are you converting them into a lead? Moreover, when they search for you on google, what if you could chat with them within your PPC campaign?

Banner Ads

You’ve spent the money to advertise a banner on your local newspapers website. What if you could chat within the banner on that newspapers site?.

Statistical Reports, Offers, ROI


Magnum Live Chat’s robust reporting engine keeps track of every chat and gathers intelligent engagement information about each visitor with real time monitoring. To be able to intelligently engage every customer, Magnum Live Chat allows you to capture their IP address, Reverse IP, key words, SEO, multiple visits, and of course, when we generate a lead, you receive the lead’s chat transcript in real time as well.


At the bottom of each chat box, there is real estate for you to show an offer. Whether it is a discount, gift, etc, this allows you to increase your conversion rate.

Return On Investment

The financial monthly investment is simple: you should generate an 300-500% return on investment.

Sites need interaction

Thanks for the opportunity. If you have any further questions, please email us at support@magnumcontact.com or chat with us now.