WordPress Plugin Chat Signup

Welcome WordPress users! You can get your complimentary account below for one user, one domain only.

Magnum Chat has a free  trial for WordPress plugin users. Then, there is no monthly charge to use the software for your first user for one domain only.  Please note that this limited wordpress version does not use all of our features or include customer support.

Magnum Chat proactive software chat program is utilized to generate more leads and enhance customer experience and interaction from your website. It gives you eyes on your website for visitor tracking and website monitoring, and it gives you a mouth to chat in real-time with the attempt to convert every website visitor. This chat application reaches far beyond our competitors by integrating into all of your digital marketing including banner advertising, Google PPC, SEO and email marketing . Optionally, you have Magnum’s Contact Center and knowledgeable agents for back up live chat staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even while your physical business may be closed for the day, your virtual business is running strong.

By integrating Magnum’s Pro-Active Live Chat program onto your business website, your banner advertising, and your email marketing, the objective is to convert more visitors into leads and increase your customer base and create happier customers. More conversions = more sales. Magnum Chat’s reporting and additional features will give you access to truly understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your digital advertising in real time. When visitors are on your site, we’ll engage them together by what they are viewing, and lead them down a path to becoming a customer.

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