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Automated Polling

Automated Polling

What is Automated Polling?

Automated Polling is an outbound telephone dialing system, with a questionnaire. Automated Polling will dial a list of phone numbers, and play a pre-recorded message with a multiple choice question to be answered by the recipient. The recipient has the choice to press any key from 1 to 8 to respond, or press 9 to repeat the question again. If no one answers the phone, the message will be played into the voice mailbox.

Why use Automated Polling?

Automated Polling liberates you from manually dialing phone numbers, and verbally repeating the same question to your target recipient. Automated Polling automatically dials phone numbers and transmits thousands of voice message questions per day. Automated Polling will record the response to the questionnaire for your analysis.

Focus on what you do best. Eliminate mundane activities such as:
Dialing phone numbers
Ringing the phone
Waiting for an answer
Negotiating with the wrong person
Being put on hold
Wait for the right party to attend the phone
Get thrown into voicemail
verbally repeat another message into voice mail

Spend less time on the arduous outbound calls. Expedite your outbound campaigns with unprecedented speed. With our Automated Polling system you can make thousands of calls per day to your contact list.

What is Automated Polling used for?

Automated Polling can be used for:
Political campaign questionnaires

Who can use Automated Polling?

Any company wishing to expedite a survey, or to maximize on their outbound phone calls can use Automated Polling. Companies that require delivery of a voice message to be consistent, precisely worded, and mass delivered will advance with Automated Polling.

What our Automated Polling system will do for you:

The Automated Polling system will dial every phone number on your contact list. All calls are logged. Your log report will show:
If call was answered, not answered, or line was busy
If person listened to the entire message or not
Which number on the key pad the recipient pressed to answer the question.
Date and time stamp of every call