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The FTC is enforcing robocall regulations. To be sure your business in compliant, you need a professional, U.S.-based outbound and inbound call center business like Magnum Contact. FTC robocall regulations are complex, but failing to comply could cost you millions. Partner with Magnum's Contact Center instead, and ensure that each customer call is handled by an experienced call center agent.
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FTC Robocall Crackdown Makes a Call Center a Must!

FTC robocall regulations make a call center a safer bet

FTC Robocall Crackdown Makes a Call Center a Must!

The FTC announced in April that it would renew efforts to crack down on illegal robocalls. The problem is that the FTC guidelines concerning such calls are complex and bureaucratic. Are your recorded calls compliant? Can you be absolutely sure? To avoid future trouble, now is an excellent time to consider partnering with an outbound and inbound call center business. Utilizing the services of a call center may save your company millions!!

This year, several companies have already paid the price for falling afoul of FTC robocall regulations. Defend America, a New Port Richey, Florida based company, was fined more than $2 million and barred from ever engaging in or assisting with telemarketing in the future. Similarly, Prime Marketing and its principle, Kevin Klink, were penalized with a roughly $3.3 million fine and similar restrictions after they blasted Americans with robocalls. These are just a couple of examples of the lawsuits brought by the FTC for illegal robocalls thus far this year.

With the FTC renewing efforts to enforce Do Not Call regulations and reduce robocalls, partnering with an outbound and inbound call center business is more vital than ever. In fact, it is beginning to look like the safest bet for companies across the United States! That’s where Magnum’s Contact Center comes in.

Not all call center companies are the same. To protect your interests, you need to be sure the one you choose offers polite, professional service in full compliance with FTC regulations at a competitive rate. That’s what makes Magnum’s Contact Center the right choice for your business! Every call center agent is based in America, fully trained and professional. Magnum’s Contact Center’s policies fully align with federal rules and regulations. We allow you to customize your package according to your needs. Choose both inbound and outbound call center service, or only one or the other. Tailor your call script as much as you like. Add our integrated, professionally staffed live chat feature to capture more leads online. No matter which options you choose, you can rest assured your customers will be speaking to experienced professionals. Best of all, each chat and call center agent on our team is expert at converting prospects to leads! This means you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your inbound and outbound calls are handled by fully compliant professionals while also increasing leads!

The FTC crackdown could spell big trouble for a lot of companies. Don’t risk losing millions, and perhaps even your entire business, by continuing to use robocalls. Don’t waste time worrying about whether your recorded and automated calls meet with the FTC’s complex regulations. And don’t throw money away on call center companies that lack the professionalism, lead conversion experience, and compliance policies you need. Talk to one of our friendly representatives at Magnum Contact and see why Magnum’s Contact Center is the right outbound and inbound call center company for you. Contact us to learn more!

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