Tuesday 21st November 2017,
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How will you interact with online customers for Black Friday?

Magnum Live Chat

How will you separate yourself from the crowd of promotions on Black Friday?

Use Magnum Live Chat to increase engagement with customers during a Black Friday special sale.  Every customer is offered the special code and will receive its value upon coming into your retail location,  dealership, etc.

Compliment the digital promotion with a Magnum email marketing campaign.

Customers are encouraged to live chat to obtain a special code to get something “special” during your Black Friday sale.

Make it special!  As an example for automotive dealerships, maybe it’s a coupon for $1000 off every used car, maybe it’s a $25 gift card for a test drive and $500 gift card if they purchase, or with every lease purchase they are entered into a drawing for a vacation!

Regardless, feed into the Black Friday frenzy by giving what your customers expect on Black Friday as a retailer.

Live Chat now for further details or call 866-570-4729 to get started within 24 hours.


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