Magnum Contact Center | The Art of Cold Calling Car Dealers and Starting a Relationship
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The Art of Cold Calling Car Dealers and Starting a Relationship

The Art of Cold Calling Car Dealers and Starting a Relationship

Imagine how many sales calls a general manager of a car dealership must receive on a daily basis.  How many would you think, 5, 10, 15, 25?   In a survey conducted by Magnum Contact and Magnum Dealer Focus, including both metro and rural dealers, the average answer was 7 calls per day.     In metro areas alone, try 19 sales calls to dealers as an average, with the average on certain days of the week reaching just under 33 calls!

Magnum represents a number of niche verticals with strong success.  In the automotive dealer world (roughly 18,000 franchise dealers, independent dealers, and BHPH dealers), our contact center marketing represents over 40 companies that call on dealers directly for their product or service.    After 17 years of marketing, we tend to work with clients that we believe in their product, help their product evolve, and help their business grow with increased sales and opportunity.

A cold call is just the beginning of the relationship.  Our marketing strategy is integrated with email marketing, content marketing, behavioral analysis, Magnum Dealer Focus industry updates, and Magnum’s Live Chat conversion to convert the dealer onsite.  We then follow up, follow up, follow up on the road to the eventual sale and ultimate relationship with that dealer client.

Follow up is our strength.  Most representatives- roughly 88%- don’t include a follow up strategy at all when calling in this vertical.  We believe this is key.  Strong follow up accompanied with great product knowledge vary and change the message conveyed with each follow up call.

Product knowledge and understanding our client’s product or service is paramount in generating a live warm transfer or webinar for our clients.    We know our clients’ competitors and potential objections that we are going to receive during calls.

Understanding the automotive dealers’ bottom line, their culture, and the trials and tribulations that general managers experience on a daily basis aid in Magnum’s success.   As you can imagine during conversation, it’s important to be able to convey how a product or service is going to impact the daily lives of those at the dealership, their time, and return on investment.

And finally, our people.  Our team.  Our training.  Our culture.  Our account management tracks the numbers/results for our clients, assesses the data, quality control, and strategy to improve overall results.  Our human resources recruits and identifies those that can best succeed in our culture and succeed for our clients.

If your business is looking to grow in the automotive industry and start making relationships, we look forward to talking with you.

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