Wednesday 26th April 2017,
Magnum Contact Center

Magnumchat increases your website conversions



Magnum Chat 3.0 will help increase your sales and conversions. Guaranteed.

Get started with Magnumchat now for only $95/month !

Start increasing website conversions and sales now.

Customer Interaction –   Proactively interact in real time with every website visitor. On some sites, 1 out of 4 visitors will chat

High Conversion –   Magnum’s Contact Center engages thousands of chats daily.  We’ll show you our intelligent engagement and how we lead capture 75-90% of chats

Need 24/7 staffing? – We are unique that we have a contact center to help you monitor your website visitors.  We have programs where your team can staff the software, or you can use Magnum’s chat specialists

What’s new?  More conversion opportunities within the chat sales path.  We have also increased the functionality of the chat operation from the initial engagement, chat interaction, lead conversion, and updating the internal database.  If you give them a reason to chat, your chat interaction percentages will go up.  Use the “floating button” option versus a fixed static button, and change out your digital promotions and chat button on a weekly basis!  If you need help staffing your site, don’t forget Magnum’s Contact Center.

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